Kevin and Deven Wallace

Bishop Kevin Wallace is challenging long-held notions of “church as usual”. With a Christ-centered mandate that crosses generational, racial and socio-economic barriers, Bishop Kevin is leading a generation in a pursuit of Christ-likeness and authentic spiritual awakening.  His passionate and unique style of ministry blends relevant application of Bible truth with a powerful anointing for deliverance and breakthrough.  With a vision to pastor the most loving church in America, Bishop Kevin is guided by a compassion for the lost, the marginalized and the broken.  His Gospel message of hope and healing resonate with a generation hurting and disappointed by the setbacks of life.

Under the leadership of Bishop Kevin and his wife, Co-Pastor Deven Wallace, Redemption Point Church has grown from a single location in Ooltewah Tennessee with 34 attendees in its first meeting to over 1200 with multiple locations in just ten years.  Despite the explosion in growth that has occurred, Pastor Kevin maintains that his greatest honor and responsibility in life is to enjoy time with his wife Deven and their 4 children: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zion and Judah.  They reside in Ooltewah, Tennessee.


  • Kevin & Deven Wallace, Senior Pastors
  • Roger & Tia Woods, Associate Pastors
  • Jonathan Nash, COO
  • Kris Horvath, Assistant
  • Anna Ayers, Assistant

Administrative Assistants

  • Tammy Cross, Receptionist
  • Diethra Seymour, HR Director
  • Alice Carbaugh, Finance


  • John & Joslyn Brockman, Global Worship Directors
  • Rob Alley, Global Band Director
  • Tobin & JoJo Shoemate, Campus Directors (Ooltewah)
  • Lacey Barker, Campus Director (Highland Park)
  • Micah Tsakalis, Campus Director (Highland Park)
  • Lee & Marcia Nash, Global Missions Directors
  • Gary & Jennifer Keylon, Share Pastors (Evangelism)
  • Wilmari Hamilton, Connections Pastor
  • David Gosnell, Tech Director
  • Chad Madden, Video Director
  • Lynsey Stubbs, Care Ministry Director

Youth & Children

  • Josh & Lisa Guyselman, Youth Pastors, Ooltewah Campus
  • Chris & Amy Ryan, Children’s Directors, Ooltewah Campus
  • Maria Feliciano, Toddler’s Director, Ooltewah Campus
  • Anna Phillips, Children’s Director, Highland Park Campus
  • Fance Brannock, Toddler’s Director, Highland Park Campus